Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A few new pics...

We are still adjusting to all of this...big time!  Still trying to figure out what works for us...  We know this is normal and that our lives are a work in process right now!  Looking forward to the smoother seas ahead of us!!

Here's a few pics we wanted to share!

For whatever reason, I saw this bath pancho and HAD to have it!  All kids need a bath pancho, right?
Snuggle Time with Sadie
A couple mornings a week he reads books on his own in the living room 
Of course, he is a Texas fan already and apparently this is his new favorite pose!


  1. He looks like he is adjusting well to the Texas lifestyle. Does he ever not smile?

  2. I like the new pose!! He looks so apparently you are doing good!! :)