Thursday, August 12, 2010

School Boy

We’ve been back and forth on this issue ever since we met Ryland. What should we do about school? Kindergarten vs. Pre-K. After much advice, research and spending time with Ry, we decided to go with Kindergarten and see how things go. We can always pull him out or repeat if it is too much for him. As most things in life, you just don’t know until you try…

So…yesterday we went and registered him at Valley Ridge Elementary! Next week he will be tested for the English as a Second Language program and we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about this program in our district! Looking forward to seeing how things go in the next couple of months.

We haven’t even been home a month and we’re already school clothes and school supply shopping! Wow – this is so not where we imagined ourselves 6 months ago, but we are loving this and having a lot of fun with Ry! We are really hopeful that the challenges of school and a more structured environment will be good for him. Crossing our fingers and we will keep you updated!

-The Stone’s


  1. You guys are so lucky to live in a school district with an ESL program. We had nothing like that and we put Julia in Kindergarten right after coming home; it was not so good. But an ESL program would have been such a help.
    Funny story--she got almost done with her testing for kindergarten and none of the teachers had realized that she didn't speak English. They thought she was just being very uncooperative. Didn't inspire confidence on sending her to school with them all day! Angie

  2. Every child is different, I hope he has a great year!