Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ry's been home for one month today...

and to celebrate, we wanted to share a couple of our new family pics!


  1. Aww Cortney he is so stinking cute!!! I think it is amazing how happy he is!! I am so happy for yall!! Isnt being a mommy so wonderful? We miss you guys! We need to get together sometime. We live in Waco now so we arent very far away anymore. I lost all of my phone numbers when I got a new phone so if you will give me your number again that will be great!!!

  2. What great pics of the 3 of you! Ryland just sparkles with happiness.

  3. Congratulations! You have a beautiful family and your story has been a real inspiration to me and my family. My husband and I have been following your blog since your earliest posts. We expect to travel to Ust Kamenogorsk in the winter to meet our child. Congratulations on this milestone!


  4. Wonderful pictures. Love Ryland's smile, he looks really happy!

  5. Congratulations! It's been years since we've seen your family and I randomly came across your blog. I work at an adoption agency and I know its not always an easy process! I admire couples like you who sacrifice in order to provide a child with a loving home. He looks so sweet!
    All the best,
    MacKenzie (Foster) Jones

  6. Your family is so very beautful!!

    I'm catching up on your blog since I lost the link I used to get to yours and am so glad I found it through another blog....

    Your son is precious!!