Sunday, August 8, 2010


Big exciting day at the Stone house...we went to the circus.  The first time for Ry and the first time in a long time for the rest of us!  Grandma & Grandpa got us some tickets and we had a couple extra, so we dragged Tyler & Leah along with us.  The show was great and there were always 10 things to be looking at, not including the people watching!  It was sensory overload for us and I'm sure it was over the top for Ryland, too.  He did really well, but towards the end he asked to go home.  He said that his favorite part was the elephants and the tigers; he LOVED the cotton candy part, too!  He's passed out asleep now, snuggling the stuffed elephant he got at the show.

Excited for the show to start
Mama & Ryland
Cheesin' it up!  He stood like this and danced quite often during the show!  His latest dance move is holding his hands up and swinging his hips (like hula-hooping minus the hula hoop) and he told me that this is how Papa dances...
The Stone's
Grandpa, Grandma & Ryland
Tyler & Leah
Ryland adores Uncle Tyler & Aunt Leah
Papa...being Papa...

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  1. You should go down to Fossil Rim! It's only 90 minutes away and now through 9/2 it's 1/2 price on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He would love it!!! We had a zebra and giraffe sticking their heads in our windows to eat food pellets out of our hand yesterday!!!!