Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dustin & I have been home for over 2 1/2 weeks and have not found the time to sit down and watch a 30 minute TV show.  I know there will be those reading this that don't understand our loss, but watching TV used to be something that Dust & I always did together.  We have a few shows that we both enjoy watching together and one of them is Modern Family.  Last night we re-arranged our schedule to specifically carve out time for a 24 minute episode.  (In theory, this should've been a piece of cake...)

We went upstairs to the family room and got Ry playing with his Hot Wheels racetrack and started the show.  PAUSE "What are you doing"? Ryland asks.  We explain that we are just going to watch this real fast while he plays.  PLAY.  PAUSE - the timer is beeping and the chocolate chip cookies baking are ready.  Run downstairs, assemble cookie plate, pour glasses of milk, gather up extra napkins, get Milkbones for Sadie since theses cookies have chocolate and of course, we share most everything with her.  PLAY.  PAUSE - clean Ryland's hands and pick up cookie pieces from the carpet.  His first time with warm chocolate chip cookies.  He loves them, but eats them so slowly that half of the cookie ends up on his hands, his clothing or furniture/carpet.  Well...at least he likes them (I know Oma is breathing a huge sigh of relief right now).  PLAY.  PAUSE - Internet issues/technical difficulties, have to re-start the stream.  (Our DVR ran out of room while we were in Kazakhstan and missed all our faves, but amazingly got all the ridiculous shows that we don't care if we miss.)  PLAY.  PAUSE - Out of nowhere and in the span of a second Ryland jumps up from playing and bolts over to the candle warmer and dips his whole hand in!  I freak out!  Rush to the bathroom to start the cold water!  It was just warm, so no burns, but he is crying because him scarring me so bad, scared him.  Washed his hands 11 times to get the scent off...still there.  He keeps waving it around and making the gross face, because he doesn't like the way it smells!  Re-arrange the candle warmer and have the talk about be careful/don't touch/you're not in trouble, you just scared me....  PLAY.  PAUSE - round 2 of technical difficulties, Dustin fixes it again and also goes downstairs to start downloading the episodes so that we don't have anymore streaming issues the next time we do this (no clue when that may be).  PLAY  65 minutes later, we finished a 24 minute episode of Modern Family.  Success?  We're just not sure whether to classify this as a success or a failure...  :)  I guess anytime there is family time, laughs and warm cookies with milk...you should count it as a SUCCESS!


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  1. LOL! I am only laughing because I can relate! When we came home from Kaz we went from 1 to 3 kids, and everything went like that. I had to start getting ready first thing in the morning if I wanted to go to Walmart after lunch! It gets easier! Hang in there--and yes, when there are laughs, family time, and cookies, I'd call it success!