Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fort Worth Science Museum

Last Sunday, we went over to the Fort Worth Science Museum to meet another family that has adopted from Kazakhstan that happened to be on vacation in Dallas.  It was so great to meet them and talk with them as they have literally walked where we are walking!  Ryland got to play with their son and it was adorable!!  Here's a couple pics from our visit!


He is in a big ambulance stage right now and they had once you could actually drive in...he loved it!
The Stone's

Water Exhibit

Making bubbles - all wet from the water exhibit!

Ryland & Nicholas - PEACE!

I LOVE this picture!  Apples are from Kazakhstan...and so are these two boys!


  1. So glad Ryland is having fun and things are going well! Looks like you got to meet up with Traveling Texans! FUN FUN FUN!!!

  2. Those pictures turned out great! We had a great time,good thing you didn't do the Energy Blast, it might have been too much for Ry. You should definitely go back in a few months or so, it was a good museum to go to. I hope we get to meet up with you again next year!

  3. Ryland looks so happy! I have enjoyed reading your blog and can't express how truly happy I am for you guys. You have a beautiful family!

  4. My name is Christina, I come from Switzerland. Sorry about my english...I was following your blog since quite a while. I am sooo happy for all of you, that you are finally HOME as a FAMILY, after this long journey!All the best for your future!!
    I have a question: in one of your posts, you mentioned that you got an english/russian basic wordlist from a friend, which would be very helpful when you adopt...Would you mind to send me the link to this list? I could not find it anymore...Thanks!! We will go to Ukraine in fall to an orphanage with children with special needs...
    This is my email: