Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meet The Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher Night went pretty well for Ryland.  His teacher, Mrs. Kaufman, seems really nice and we are going to keep in good contact with her about everything.  Ryland liked her and said "Hello Mrs. Kaufman" when we got there.  As Dustin and I started to explain everything that was going to happen again, while we were in the room, he started to tear up.  We showed him everything in the room and made everything seem so much cooler than it actually is!  We tried hard!  His seat is right at the front of the class and he shares a locker with another little boy. There are 3 computers in his classroom and on the walk home, he told us that it's not his school - it's his work...just like Mama & Papa.  So actually, Monday will be the first day of "work" for Ry.  Since then, we've tried to bring up the whole school/work situation as much as possible...poor thing is probably sick of me talking about it every 5 minutes!  I even picked up some books yesterday about a Dinosaur's first day of school that explained things in a cute way.  I am worried about all the little things and he is only worried about us not going to "work" with him.  Monday will be a hard day...  I am so worried about him crying when we get there.  Once he starts crying he gets so worked up and it's hard for him to calm down.  There's so many things he doesn't understand...but there are so many things he does incentives to do well.  The way we look at it, everyone deserves to get paid after a hard day of work, right?!?!

Here's to wishing that Monday is a success for everyone!

Dustin & Cortney

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  1. I totally agree with the incentive part...we would not go to work if we did not get paid. We tell kids their "job" is to go to school just like their parents go to each of their jobs every day. I hope Monday goes well, we have a "Boo-Hoo Breakfast" for the Kinder parents every year. They seem to be the ones more upset than the children. Just keep reminding him that everyone has a "JOB" so he can get more books, soccer balls, and video games.