Saturday, August 21, 2010

Highland Village Balloon Festival

Or Wastavall, as Ry calls it!  We had a good time wandering around this small festival on Friday night.  It's wasn't overly crowded and a great first experience with carnival rides for Ry.  He loved staying up late, seeing the lake, riding the rides and going out for ice cream with the family afterwards!  When it's just the 3 of us at home, he gets restless and bored easily.  He thrives when we get together with more people and there is more craziness, laughter, people to play with him, etc!

Uncle Tyler (Tylee) & Auntie Leah
It's pics like this that remind me of how much I love Dust...he just cracks me up!

Sliding down the giant slide!
At the bottom!
This boys loves him some Uncle Tyler "Tylee - hold me, play with me, etc"!
Future Pilot
Chandler & Cortney (My baby sister)
First time on the swinging ship!
Hand's up!
$24 dollars later, everyone had a ride on the ship - Ry was so excited that everyone went with him!
Chandler & Leah
The Stone's

Enjoying some ice cream & shaved ice

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