Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random comments from this weekend

Friday night I got mad a Dustin for some reason (probably something dumb since I can't remember why now).  When we were getting ready to read books before bed, Ry asked why I was sad.  I told him that I was mad at Papa and that he didn't even get me any flowers.  Ryland says (in his super-cute broken English) "Eets ok, Mama.  Morning, I get you flowers...outswide, by the pool, pink ones".  I laughed so hard, it was absolutely hysterical!  Dustin was like"Nice, Ryland...way to help me out!"  We then taught him how to say "I got your back".  Too cute!  The argument ended right then!

On Saturday we celebrated my mom's and dad's birthdays.  At lunch, I raised my glass in a toast to my parents and everyone clinked.  Three minutes later, out of the blue, Ryland raises his glass and says "Nice to meet you!"  Cheers! 

We tried these Italian Sodas during the birthday lunch and we were all discussing which flavor everyone liked better.   When it was Ry's turn, he said "hmmmm, let me think" 60 second pause, and then this "Uncle Tylee is my favorite!"  NICE!  Way to single out someone Ry, we were talking about drinks!!!  Hilarious, everyone cracked up!


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  1. Nicholas says some things out of context, too. When he gets mad at me, he says 'you lied to me' and I ask him what did I say, and he says, nothing. When he first came home and we were all eating around the table, we would clink our cups and he would say 'hakuna ma-ta-ta' (from the Lion King I guess)! Now he gets mad when we try that.