Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why do we look when we aren’t supposed to?

You know how every now and then we get the opportunity to look at something that we shouldn’t look at. Why do we look? What’s happened to our self control? We know if we look it will upset us, make us angry, etc. etc…but we do it anyway…Why is that? Why is there this crazy ‘need to know’ that takes over your sanity? I’m one of those people that would rather ‘know’ everything…but sometimes when you are presented the info…you wish you didn’t want to ‘know’ everything. I guess living in a bubble has its advantages…I’ve never been able to see them before, but I’m starting to get it…a little…

Is it better to know? Is it better to have everything in black & white? Or is it better to live in the bliss of the gray?


  1. I am not sure what you were "looking at" but I have learned over time that there really isn't a black, white, or gray. It is all rainbow colored. What I mean by that is that it is all in preception. I believe that preceptions can change. It takes work and sometimes I might even have to give up my point-of-view and look at it from a whole different view. The new view might just be a sky blue instead of a boring gray!

  2. What the heck did you look at? I see stuff at work all the time that I wish I didn't see. Yuck.