Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monsters Update

The monsters are still here and part of our life.  We have small successes from time to time and overall this week was better than last; we're trending in the right direction.  I'm actually up right now because of another scare.  It's now progressed to all kinds of other nightime fears...ghosts, cats, wolves, bad people, etc.  He's much better about going to sleep in his own room, but awakes constantly throughout the night.  To top it off he's had a rough time at school while all of this is going on and has been getting bad reports sent home.  ROUGH TIMES.  We're just trying to make it through this phase and keep heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

The setbacks that we're facing are almost ridiculous.  One night we had a big talk with him about our alarm system and showed him how it worked and that if anyone or thing came in or out of our house at night, the sirens would go off and we would know.  This brought peace for 2 nights and he was able to sleep through the night.  On the 3rd night, for some unknown reason, 3 of our 7 fire alarms randomly went off (full siren mode) in the middle of the night.  Scaring all 3 of us to dealth.  "Why the alarm be broke?"  Perfect...we've lived in this house for 4 years and that's never glad it could happen while we are in the middle of this phase...perfect.

Sorry for the gaps in between blog posts, but we've just been exhausted.

Dust & Cort


  1. Hi, Cortney.

    I have been reading "Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child" by Patty Cogen and it says that internationally adopted children awake frequently from night terrors. There is a section on sleep... I don't know if you have the book or whether t could help...but thought I would pass it on. We have been having some issues with Anna lately...clingy, etc.. and the book really helped. It hit me in the face when I read that "Parents think everything is great and all of a sudden, the childr reacts with abandonment issues, etc......they don't realize that the child wasn't fully attached and as attachment deepens, issues are to surface". Made sense....Of course she wouldn't mind being dropped off at daycare...she was not as attached as she is now... and now she is making her feelings knows. Intelligent little people aren't they! Good luck making those monsters stay away for good.

  2. Ooo, good comment above, I have that book...gotta go read it now. Cortney, you are doing the everyday dance of older child adoption. You guys are doing great. It is hard and ridiculous.....I so feel for you. I SOOOO remember and we still experience some of those "cycles" of the ridiculous but each time you grow a bit more, you "get it" a bit more, you become more together. There is no doubt in my mind that you guys make a great family and you will be there for him night and day, minute by truly what they are seeking to understand and know for real in their little precious hearts. Hugs to you both and squeezes for that sweet boy. Love the pics of our gathering. Glad you got one of our boy actually standing! ;) We were having one of those ridiculous days that day! ha!