Friday, January 21, 2011

We've been home for six months...can you believe it?

Wow!  Time flies!  I can't believe we landed as a family of 3 in the good ole US of A six months ago!

First and foremost - an important update...Ryland has fallen asleep in his own bed with NO tears, slept all night in his own bed, never getting up once...for 5 nights in a row!!!!  He is so happy about this and as soon as he wakes up it is the first thing he says.  He then asks us about 40 times throughout the day if we are proud of him for sleeping like a big boy.  We are proud, we make a huge deal of it at home...but he just needs the constant re-assurance and we are just fine with that!  6 days ago we made the decision to really limit his sugar in-take to see if that would help with the nightmares.  It may be a coincidence, but I think it is really helping him out.  Ry loves sweets and asks for dessert after every meal and several other times a day!  For the last week, he's been great.  He asks us if items have sugar in them before he'll eat them, because he doesn't want anybody to "dreams him up".  (What he calls having a bad dream.)

So much has changed in 6 months, he's learned so many new things and experienced some amazing things!

6 months ago today when we landed on American Soil (America's newest citizen).  This shirt no longer fits him and looks like a belly shirt!

This morning before school!


  1. It's amazing how fast they grow when they get here. Glad to hear he has been successful in sleeping in his own bed. Yeah Ry!!!

  2. Courtney--Congrats! He does look like a different kid and the joy on his face is palpable! Sweet... Quaintance

  3. 6 months is such a big milestone!!! We are two weeks away from our one year Meetcha anniversary and its such an emotional time..I keep thinking soon she will have lived HERE longer than THERE. Congrats on a big step!