Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Ryland Moments

Our dinnertime convo tonight...

Ryland - "I want to be married"
Me - "Why?"
Ryland - So I can sleep with somebody in my bed."
Me - "Yikes"
Ryland - "Why you be mad Mama? Because I want to marry a cheerleader? Mama, don't be mad at me for thaaaaat."

At school they get a color everyday depending on their behavior (green=good, yellow=warning, red=bad).  So far this month...6 yellows and 4 greens.  Each yellow is for talking...of course it is!  After I made him count up the yellows so far this month, he said " I need more greens".  You think?

We had homemade fettuccine tonight for dinner.  After finishing 2 servings the kid literally licked his plate clean.  Funny thing is that I typically do the same thing, but he's never seen me do it...there must be something in that fettuccine sauce.

"Mama, when I be 16, I be ride Papa in Papa's truck."  "I be drive and Papa be ride." 

"Ryland, why did you get yellow again?  I thought you were going to try really hard to get green?"  Ry's reply "I did be good, but then I have bad behavior.  Sorry Mama."

Saturday morning, we went to the bank to try to open him an account (apparently I need to stop being lazy and get his social security card...but anyway).  He asked us why he needed a bank account.  I tried to explain that he needed to start saving his money.  "For what?" Me "I don't know, things like college." Ry replies with "I go to college all by myself?" Me "Yes".  Ryland "NO, I not want go all by myself, please.  Mama & Papa come with me?"  Me "Wow...I need to get a video of this to show you someday.  Ok, ok, sorry, don't worry, it's a long time from now.  Don't get upset.  Never mind...we need to save your money for a car."  Ryland's frown quickly turned to a smile "ALRIGHT!  YES!  I think I buy a Ferarri...or something... maybe a Porche."

Ryland Dias Stone...I love you!


  1. What a precious post!!! I just LOVE the way all little kids talk. I am a first grade teacher, so I LOVED the "I need more greens!" comment. Hysterical!! I wish he was in my class. What fun we would have!! :)

  2. Great update! Sounds like he is doing well in school despite the yellow, at least he doesn't have any red!