Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sisters Weekend Getaway - Hot Springs, Arkansas

To celebrate our big birthdays this year (Chandler turned 18 and my last year in my twenties) Dustin sent us out of town on a Sisters Weekend Getaway to Hot Springs, Arkansas...America's first Spa City!  We really had a blast!

The Bed & Breakfast

Hot Springs National Park

Bathhouse where we soaked in natural mineral baths and got superb facials.

Top of the Mountain Tower - my beautiful sis, Chandler.

Yours truly

Typical Cort

Typical Chand

Chandler has a thing for getting a snap with tour guides.  Gangster Museum of America...yes please!

Chandler HAD to go here!

Me at an actual Hot Spring

Time to try out the delicious mineral water.

Nervous about all the algae...but hey, when in Rome...




  1. Looks great!!!

  2. wow, it looks like yall had a freaking blast !!! I actually live in hot springs, ar. and after looking at your pics, i think im going check out that gangster museum (iv never been! lol).

  3. Why am I not surprised you drank algae water? *girlwithnosockswhilebowling*