Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pictures - Jan 2011

We had a great time meeting up with 2 other families who have adopted from Kazakhstan also!  It meant so much to me to talk to these families that have gone through what we've gone through...hard to explain, but it was awesome!

The kids had fun playing together!  I am so excited for Kazapalooza this summer, we had so much fun with this and it was just a teaser!

As Ryland puts it "I be man now with shaver".  He's been loving to shave, just like Papa!

Happy New Year!

Both of my boys were sick this week with the stomach they were trying to eat some chicken noodle soup.

Sickie...laying in the living room watching movies.

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  1. Oh no, poor boys! I hate when our kids are sick (including hubands in that!).

    I see you met up with Karen, who else did you meet up with? That is wonderful. It's always nice to be able to meet families in person. Are there other families in DFW? I hope we can meet up with you again in the summer. We can't go to Kazapalooza this year. Nicholas always seems to have an instant bond to the older adopted kids.