Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a day!

At the breakfast table I talked to Ry about everything that I “discussed” with him all night. He remembered nothing. Perfect. So glad my speech had such a profound impact.

5 mins from my house while trying to get on the frontage road to get on the highway, I rear-end someone. She let off the brake, I thought she went so I looked to my left to make sure it was clear, stepped on the gas and BAM. I hit her. She hesitated. Perfect. Good morning. First time I’ve done that. She gets out and starts yelling at me that she’s late to an appointment now. I offer to give her my info so she can get on her way, but she declines. “She knows people like me and has had people do this and not pull through before”. Lovely…thanks for placing me with that group of losers. Superb. Let’s sit here, blocking traffic for a MINOR incident and wait for the police…why not?

I am stressed. Things are not perfect at home. Things are not perfect at Ry’s school. Things are not perfect at my work. My mind is exhausted. My ulcer is flaring up…bad. The OTC meds aren’t working this time…uh oh, I’m more stressed than I can easily cope with now. Yikes. Big decisions to make at work and they are weighing heavily on me.

I call a friend to vent and she suggests I run to Starbucks for the calming herbal tea (it works wonders she says). My stomach is so upset that I clearly won’t be able to eat. I head to Starbucks to get the tea, calmly wait for the lady in front of me to add at least 17 packets of Splenda into her coffee (one packet at a time, stir, check…nope, not enough artificial sweetener, let’s try one more…) and proceed to head back out to my busted up car. When out of nowhere, birds fly over me and not only crap all over my car, but also on my white shirt. ARE YOU SERIOUS? How can all of this be happening? I can’t even make this stuff up…this is my life…WELCOME.

I call my friend back to vent and tell her she gave me the worst advice ever and she starts laughing. Of course, why not?

Long and tough afternoon at work.

Pick Ry up from school. Please have green, please have green. “Hi Mama, I got yellow. Where’s Martina?” Yellow? You have to be kidding me? After my wonderful speeches? And to top it off you’re sad that I’m picking you up instead of the babysitter? Perfect.

I get home and check the mail. Today, of all days, comes the ER bill from Ry’s Thanksgiving fall. Great timing. Yes, I’d love to pay you. There’s also a yellow notice on the door from the bug guy…oh yeah. I had an appointment today and forgot. Nothing like a yellow flyer on your front door that says NO SHOW for all the neighbors to see. Perfect.

And that ladies and gents is what I call a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better!


  1. You did have a horrible day! I am so sorry. I just read that it is important to remember that storms don't last forever.

  2. One day you will laugh about this. Luv you guys.
    The Pan-mex-american.

  3. You're day was awful!! I'm so so sorry!! Believe me, this was the worst day of my life too. You can check out the latest post on my blog if it will help you out any. And your car accident has happened to me before too! To a t!! Except, I was 16 and the lady got out and started screaming at me that I was a typical, stupid, spoiled brat, 16 year old driver!!! I wanted to give her a quick esson on committing once you pull out onto a street!!! Uhg. Plus, she claimed that I put a dent across her entire bumber. Even the police that did our write up said that "there was no way in this world my little plastic Ford escort bumper put a single scratch on her metal Oldsmobile tank engine!" And just to hopefully make you giggle, one of my friends got bird poop on her wedding dress during the ceremony. Yikes!!! Wishing you a VERY HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! You definitely deserve it!!! :) With love...

  4. Oh my! Yes, I do hope you have a better day today. I do appreciate the humor with which you wrote this. Hopefully you'll be able to laugh some day. Hoping your ulcer gets better soon!

  5. Doesn't it make you appreciate the good days even more?! I hope tomorrow is a better day...

    Have you had a conference with his teacher? Does his teacher say this is typical? Every teacher is different, some are tougher than others, so keep that in mind. How is he doing with school work? Is he meeting the Kindergarten goals?

    I have visions of spending many visits with the Principal in our future :P. We've had some difficult times with Nicholas for sure. I'm ready to get him evaluated again before he starts Kindergarten.

  6. Hey now...I may have given you the advice to go to Starbucks for the calming tea (which by the way does work wonders) but nowhere in my recommendation was there anything about standing under a flock of birds! And I had to laugh when you called me to tell me...hey you would have done the same for me! Love, Misty

  7. Sounds like a rough day. I read a few of your posts and see you are having trouble with the lovely color cards. When I got back with my Karina from Kaz this was my worry...I put her into preschool at (4) but only for a few hours a day. When it was time for kindergarten I made the decision to hold her back a year, not because of educational reasons, but because I felt she was not socially ready to behave in school and I was very worried she would get labelled as a bad kid. Now she is a year older than her peers (and she has noticed this already unfort) but she is able to control herself and only had to flip a card twice...the second time she cried so hard the teacher felt really bad for her. So while I think it was good for her to wait a year before the pressures of school were on her...at the same time I feel bad that she is a year older...no matter what you do you feel guilty and wonder if the other choice was better. For Karina it took about a year before we were having good days regularly at preschool...I noticed that she often acted out when she was hungry or tired, as her body was going through so much trying to catch up physically. I highly suggest you see if you can talk to the teacher one on one to see if you can truly determine what the problems are and find a way to communicate to him ( through a translator if need be) in short simple sentences what is expected and what he cannot keep doing. Most of all remind yourself that although it seems as if these issues will never be resolved...they will be...there will be an end to them. Your child will not flip a card through college...I promise you!!