Friday, March 18, 2011

Surgery Update

Ryland's surgery yesterday went really well.  He did great and I didn't cry...we're a proud family!!  I can't say enough about the staff at Children's (Plano Campus) - they took such great care of us, were professional, friendly and we received first class service the whole time.  Ry was not circumcised as a baby and we felt that we needed to have that done.  I know he doesn't understand or appreciate it now...but I'm hoping he does when he's older.  My brother and his wife had a son earlier this week and they both had the procedure done on the same day.  What a bonding story - can't wait to tease them about this much later in life!

Every single person we came into contact with at the hospital had something sweet to say about Ryland.  (He's so cute, I love his hair, he was awesome, does he ever not smile, etc.)  It really made me and Dust proud.  It's amazing when other people see what we see in him - he's such a good kid who is usually happy and smiling!

The silly juice had the opposite effect on Ry than we thought.  It mellowed him out.  He got really chill and focused. Hmmmm...wonder if we can get some of that on the internet...  :)

Here are some pics of our little trooper yesterday!

Pre-surgery.  He like putting on clothes just like the doctor and he really liked his finger light.

Just waking up...still out of it.  The nurses gave him the little stuffed puppy.

Enjoying a popsicle
They brought a wagon to wheel him out to the car in.  He was excited and I think it's the first time he's been in a wagon.

He enjoyed the special attention even though he was 1/2 out of it.

Waiting on the valet to bring the car around.

Ready to head home for movies and video games!

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  1. Poor little man :-( I'm glad that everything went perfect and that you and Dustin held up well too!