Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break: Day 1

Yesterday my neighbor asked if we'd like her to take Ry with her to work for a couple of hours this morning.  (She's an elementary school coach.)  Ummmmm, yes please?  Ryland not only busy, but running around a gym burning endless amounts of energy while we get some work done?  Yes, please!  Thank you Ms. Dana!

This afternoon we headed to the consultation appointment for Ryland's upcoming procedure (man surgery as we are calling it).  Awesome doctor and staff - Ry had the time of his life!  He was cutting up, being hilarious and talking up a storm.  He captivated everyone there.  Surprise, surprise.  A year ago he knew no English.  And today, he carried on a full conversation (about hockey, of course).

"Hi, I'm a doctor.  Not the kind that gives shots, don't worry - just a surgeon.  What kind of doctor are you?"
"I'm not a doctor!  I'm a hockey player.  Do you know how to play hockey?  Would you like to ref?  What's your favorite team?  Dallas Stars?  Or maybe Chic-aaa-go?"

When the doctor asked him how old he was, he told him that he was 5, his Papa was 31 and his Mama was 20!  Everyone laughed and smiled at me!!  Socially speaking, the kid was ON today.  He was a clown, hilarious and the center of attention.  I'm not even sure he knows he's being witty, but he sure loves the attention and feedback!

Here's a couple pics from our big trip to the doctor.  He was so excited, from the time we pulled up.  Maybe it was because he knew we were going bike shopping afterward???

Still excited by things like elevators and escalators.  And by excited, I mean amazed!
In the waiting room watching TV with Pop.  Love it...look at my serious boys.  I don't get many pics of Ry where he is not smiling!
Cheesin' it up
Everyone loved his cowboy boots!
Big boy helping Papa load up his new bike.  Last night we were all riding and his inner tube popped! (To Shawna & Kimmy - yes, I was riding a bike too, and no - I didn't crash in the bushes!!)  He has outgrown his old one and is asking us to take away the training wheels.  Today we got a bigger bike and we hope to work on no training wheels this week!

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