Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love Ryland...

Kids kissing...so cute, right?  WRONG!

I'm at a loss for words...not sure where to begin.  Yesterday Ry came home with a note from a girl (by note I mean a drawing of a heart with the words I love Ryland across it.  Yikes.  It bothered me all night.  How young does this happen?  Is it cute and innocent?  Should I  be worried?

After Ry was asleep last night, I heard that Ry's best friend told his mom that Ryland and the girl with the note kissed at school.  TOTAL SHOCK.  I started freaking out.  It was all I could do to not wake him up and start the interrogation.  All I could do...

Surely his friend was mistaken?  Surely?  My innocent Ryland?  No...

This morning we wake Ry up and talk to him.  He finally admits it.  PANIC.  I didn't even know what to say.  I had this overwhelming feeling that I must be the worst mother in the world.  How could we have avoided this?  We have a rule in our family.  No kissing ANYONE except for family.  This girl is not in our family.  He broke the rule.  Why doesn't he think girls are gross?  What happened to cooties?

I knew he would be a handful down the road...I knew it...but this early?  Seriously, Ryland? 

What do I do?  Scare him to death?  Talk it over?  Ignore it?  Who am I kidding...I can't ignore it.  We talked it over AT LENGTH and we attempted to scare him out of kissing again.  I hope it works...


  1. I can certainly understand your shock. Sometimes,with my students, I have to remind myself that kissing and love notes don't always mean the same to the children as they do to the adults. They know that there is some kind of taboo but they don't usually understand why. It's just fun. It is heartening to know that there are parents like you who care about their children and how their children behave. Ryland is a darling, sweet child. He has a unique heart. It is a gift to the world to have a person like Ryland here to help us all remember what it's all about. He is very blessed to have parents like you who care about him.

  2. Hi, don't worry, the cooties thing kicks in at around age 8. He's just being normal. J.

  3. I agree. It's an age thing. He'll think girls are gross a little later.

  4. Cortney, you are so cute and such a great Mama. I also wouldn't worry about it. You have done all you can in explaining to him your rules. I totally had a kindergarten boyfriend. I turned out alright :-)

  5. I think that you might be overreacting a little. He's just a kid, and most little kids have little "relationships". Also, I think a "No kissing ANYONE except for family" rule, might be a little overkill. Just saying. I think that it's cute that he likes a girl.