Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Date Night

What a chore weeknight date nights are! Why didn't anyone tell me???

Two minutes before the babysitter arrives I realize that I hadn't even thought about what they were going to eat. I'm pretty sure most moms would have prepared a quick meal before leaving...apparently that's not my style.
Luckily karma was working for me and I found some cash in the house to give to the babysitter. "Please take him somewhere or order a pizza... please!"

Quickly refreshed my makeup and zoomed down the highway to meet Dustin at the movie theater. The 5th closest movie theater since that is the only one playing the movie we wanted to see within our 2 hour time slot of freedom. I finally get there and Dustin runs out to give me my ticket. I missed the previews and the first 10 minutes of the movie, but oh well. Dustin had a romantic dinner of nachos and a cherry coke icee waiting for me!
The movie wraps up and I check my watch...7:12. Oh great, I told her we'd be home by 7:15. Send her a quick text and head for home. Get home and immediately start bedtime routine.

Wow, what a night! Rush, rush, rush.

Weeknight Date Night Bonus?

Bedtime routine is much smoother and even enjoyable when we haven't been bickering all evening or been asked a million questions.

Bonus aside, I kinda like my weeknight evenings at home...I think I'll keep date nights on the weekend!

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