Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making The Sky by Lori Anderson-Printy

Ever since I've read this blog post, I just can't shake it.  It is a beautifully written post by a fellow Kaz Mama that I was finally able to meet in Florida.  I urge you to go to the link below and read this story.  She is currently in China on a mission trip visiting orphanages.



  1. What a beautiful story. I think "Sky" is a special angel sent to comfort this mom. Living with a child with disabilities is difficult to say the least, but it has an amazing loving impact on those around this child. The most loving precious people I know work with and live with people with disabilities. We would be lost without those who willingly embrace these special people among us and the special people placed in our world. Besides, what is a disability? Maybe, the truly disabled people are those who ignore or humiliate people who don't respond or look like every other person in the world.

  2. Loved this story too! I shared it with many people who were also touched. So great.