Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crazy Storms

Crazy storms in Dallas last night.  Hail, rain, wind, thunder, lightning...everything.  And I missed it.  I'm traveling for work this week.  Poor Dustin had to deal with a scared Ry, a scared Sadie, water leaking, trash blowing and everything else.  The hail was so loud in our room that he had to relocate the 3 of them to the guest bedroom and try to get some sleep.  He was rushing to leave to drop Ryland off at summer school and get to his meeting this morning and when he went outside to get in the truck, our trash was blown all over the place.  I can only imagine him picking up all that mess in his dress clothes as fast as possible.  I feel bad.  I wish I was there to help.  I miss my boys.

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  1. Hello Stone Family! My I do love your blog picture. Such happy smiles all around! It seems the whole US is having bad storms this year! We are actually having to have a new roof put on ourselves due to heavy hail damage. Safe travels until you make it back home to you precious ones! And please tell Ry hello from Livea and Lilliana!