Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kindergarten Graduate!

First and foremost...let me introduce you to my Kindergarten Graduate - watch out 1st he comes!!!

After MUCH thought, research, meetings, etc.  We have decided to send Ryland on to 1st Grade!  We have the full support of his teachers, his school, our social worker... pretty much everyone!

We are looking at it like this...EVERYTHING was new to him this year...EVERYTHING.  At home, at school, etc.  And he still caught up academically.  He's amazing.  We know next year will be hard, but we believe in pushing him to exceed.  He understands the concept of school, rules and how things work at home now.  We're hoping for a great year!  Thank you everyone for your advice - it has all helped us tremendously.


Mama & Papa

Ryland with his teacher!!

Oma & Opa surprised him!

Showing us his book

Sad that Papa had to go back to work...

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  1. Wow such great things happening and everyone looks so happy!! We were sorry to miss yet another Kazaploza but do hope to get to join in on such great Kaz fun in the future!!

    Your son is amazing.....continued blessings!