Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The beach and around our hotel

Ryland's first time to see the beach!  We were getting beach portraits done, so he was upset he couldn't get wet!

He loved swimming at the beach for about 30 minutes!  Then he was SICK of the salty taste in his mouth.  "Mama, can we go to the pool now?" Was asked about every 7 minutes the ENTIRE trip!  The beaches in St. Pete were beautiful!

Papa buried him and told him he would make him into a man mermaid...Ryland said "No thanks, can you make me a sand hockey player?"

On Saturday night, Ryland went to the resort's Pirate Camp and made pirate necklaces, went to the Pirate Show, ate pizza, had ice cream and went for a night swim wearing a glow in the dark necklace.  Needless to say he had a blast!  And Mama and Papa had a relaxing date night!!!

Florida sunset

Ry's catch!

Waiting to go on a paddle boat ride!

Ry made another fast friend...although, not from Kazakhstan.  Here is Ryland and Paddleboat Joe.  He was talking to him for about 20 minutes and asked him what happened to his tooth.  He then heard a story of a bar fight!  Quite entertaining!

Uh oh!!

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