Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kazapalooza 2011 - St. Pete Beach, FL

Kazapalooza was AMAZING.  Words can barely describe how cool it was to meet such wonderful families, see such cute kids and know that we are starting a tradition for Ryland.  We got in late and missed the fun on Friday, but we jumped right on on Saturday.  We had a great luncheon and won some fabulous prizes at the charity raffle.  We are honored to be a part of the Kaz Adoption Community.  The families are great.  It was so cool to exchange stories and actually meet people that helped you along in your journey or have just literally gone through what you have gone through before.  It's amazing.  This is an annual event and we plan to go to every one!  What a great experience this is and will be for Ryland as he grows up!  It was awesome to go hang out at the pool and beach and let Ry play with other kids who were born in the same country as he was!  It was a great weekend!  On top of all the Kazapalooza memories, we had a great family vacation that we will not soon forget!

Pictures say it here we go!

This pic completely sums up our first 24 hours in Florida!  Ryland was out of control!  We arrived to the resort about 1:30am Saturday morning.  Our sleep schedule, eating schedule...everything was OFF!  He was on overload.  Everything was new, fun and exciting!  By Sunday, he finally calmed down!

We made it!!!!!

Kaz Cuties

The Stone's - representing for Pavlodar!!!  There were 125 families there!  Super cute Kaz kiddos running around everywhere!

Our most favorite Kaz Cutie

He made a lot of new friends! 

More Kaz Cuties!

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  1. I know he is getting so much better at speaking English but did he speak his native language with any of the kids? Sorry if its a weird question I was just wondering if they all started talking about their home country you know?