Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Traveling with Kids?

OK - Hit me with your best shot!  What's the best advice you've ever received about traveling with kids?  What books/toys work best?  What does your family do?


  1. So you're flying, not driving, right?, much less entertainment needed, so that's good. Different tips required for flying as opposed to driving. Anywho, entertainment will still make your life easier. Something for him to watch movies on (and for us, a headphone splitter or 2 of those somethings or they will fight!) Crayons, paper, snacks, DSI, books, it's all dependent on the kiddo!! :) Our kids are in different moods at different times of the day too, if we're on a plane at night, they typically watch a movie and fall asleep if we're lucky. Maybe one of those "where's waldo" type books where they have Disney characters etc to look for in the giant picture may be a good thing to keep him busy, if it holds his attention. Maybe try it out at the bookstore first?

    Tongue and cheek: what about a book of questions? ;)

    Seriously though, bring what keeps him busy and quiet at home, that's what I do with the girls. :)

  2. 1. Something NEW (movie, book, game)
    2. Angry birds (iPhone/iPad)

  3. Movies,
    Free tv shows on the IPad
    Ds games / Leapster
    New toys / crafts -- things never seen before the airplane
    Small Lego kit -- just bring a large ziplock to keep the pieces in while he works
    I'm a big fan of Sticky Mosaics by Orb Factory (perfect airplane activity)
    $1 crafts they have in the kids section of Joannes or Michaels

  4. get him a leapster. good cause all the games are educational, and some new books. Whatever you decide put it away and don't let him see it till you are there and he's getting ansty.

  5. Mine is only 2.5 yrs but she is a terrific traveler. Let him pack his own little rolling bag /suitcase with a few gadgets /books and /or snacks. Be prepared to carry it yourself but he might be proud enough to haul it himself. Make a big deal about it being his special bag. A travel size magna-doodle is good. Mentally break down travel time into blocks of 5 - 10 minutes maybe more since he is a little older but if you pack enough items to entertain for that many minutes at a time you should be set. I agree about packing at least a few new things to make the trip a little more exciting. Does he like stickers or connect the dots or something like that that could interest him for a block of time? I think you should be prepared t play with him and not expect to get to read that book or magazine or whatever so you are not frustrated if he needs more attention and are happy if he sleeps or entertains himself for a block of time or two. Enjoy the time together and good luck! ;-)

  6. leapster, movies (couple of cheap new ones), snacks. I used to get the girls a new toy to open on the plane or ones they haven't played with in a while. I usually pack a bag of happy meal toys or 2nd hand toys in the suitcase to play with. Ryland will do great!