Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes you gotta live in the moment

Little man had a rough day at school yesterday, but had a great day today.  After school he really wanted us to play soccer.  He had already decided that he and I would be the "good" team, we'd wear blue and my number would be 7 and his would be 8.  Papa and Sadie would make up the "bad" team...numbers not yet determined.  Sadie is currently on the injured list due to her minor paw setback on Sunday, but she would be there, cheering Papa on.  Then the unthinkable thing rained.  Darn I was looking forward to the whole big socks with shorts thing...oh well, there's always tomorrow.  So we decided to head to the movie theater to catch a flick and grab some dinner.  Even though Ryland already saw Hop with his Oma & Opa, he just had to see it again.  After all, Easter is almost upon us!  We had a fun night, ate too much pizza, sang "I Want Candy" through the parking lot, got home late and missed bath time...sometimes you have to just live in the moment!  It nights like this that remind me of that.  My schedule, routine, policies and procedures will still be here tomorrow!

Take a look at my little EB!

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