Thursday, April 28, 2011

1) Is the Easter Bunny Real -- 2) Why didn't anyone tell me about the whole carrots at Easter thing? How cute...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Ry for lunch at his school.  At one point during our meal two of his classmates got into a very heated discussion...about the Easter Bunny. 

"There is NO such thing as the Easter Bunny.  It's just adults dressed in a costume."
"No, that's not true.  The Easter Bunny came to my house.  I left a carrot out for him and he ate it.  He's definitely real."
"NO HE'S NOT REAL.  It was probably an adult in a costume that ate the carrot.  My mom told me the Easter Bunny was just a lie."
"Ryland's Mom, did you hear him?  Is the Easer Bunny real?"

My answer "Well, he's real at our house.  I don't know if he goes to everyone's house, but he came to ours."
Ryland had to chime in "He came to our house because we are so good and had good behaviors."

I was were these sweet, innocent kids already arguing about this?  I have the friends that don't lie to their children, so they have no Santa, EB, Tooth Fairy, etc... but we are not those parents.  And I can't even imagine being one of those parents.  I want to let my kid be a kid for as long as he possibly can.  I understand the other side though...I get it.  What I don't get is why if you were a parent that chooses not to believe...why...why...wouldn't you talk to your kids about not ruining it for the other children that do?  The children that still believe in something.  Why is it ok for you to take that away?  It isn't.  It's your business what you take away from your own children, but don't...I repeat...DO NOT take anything away from my child. 

In the famous words of Bon Qui Qui...


  1. I am *so* with you on this. My best friend does this, and it irritates the fire out of me. She sees it as no big deal, as I'm sure the rest of the ones who don't want to play in the fun. But really, what does it hurt you to play along? Why must you crush our fun too?

    Adrienne's kiddos are non-believers, but she definitely does the best she can at keeping it under-wraps. I appreciate that, I think she's only one of the few.

  2. Lol! We have kids who don't believe in Santa or EB and we have told them over and over not to say anything to other kids about it, but sometimes they just do it anyway. Kids like to know more than other kids. It makes them feel good, I guess. That said, the funniest one I ever got out of them was when we had cousins over and Julia (7 at the time, adopted at 6) said to one of them, "Well, Santa is real but he is dead." Oh, the joy of figuring out how to talk our way out of that one! Made me wish I had just told her all those stupid presents really did come from an old man who sneaks into our house in the middle of the night. (Main reason my kids don't believe in Santa--I think that sneaking into the house at night thing is just creepy!) :D