Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm so over...

I know that most of you won't agree with me.  These are just the opinions of Cortney.  Hope I don't lose any friends over this...especially the Twilight comment, I know it's risky.  I'm DONE with the following...don't want to hear about it anymore.

Lindsay Lohan - Tired of it...don't want to hear about her anymore.  Gag.
Lady Gaga - Too much for me.  There is a time and a place to entertain and it's not 100% of the time.  There is just something disturbing to me about how whenever in public she is always in full-on ridiculous get up.  Please.  The whole idea of being different is cool, but you take it to an extreme - which is not's just weird.
Charlie Sheen - What can I say?  Total Train Wreck?  The whole #winning/warlock thing was pretty hilarious for a minute, but it's just sad now.  I feel for you, yes, but so tired of hearing about you.
Twilight - more of it.  I'm anti-vampires.  Period.  (Sorry Mom)
Octo-Mom - train wreck.  As the saying made your bed...
Miley Cyrus, well the whole Cyrus Family - Still not sure how you got so lucky to begin with.  Whether you like it or not (you signed up for this gig), a ton of little girls look up to you...straighten up!
DWTS - So over it...I hope this is the last season...
Chris Brown - Are you serious?  How can you be mad that people aren't just focusing on your music?  Sorry if your career is ruined, but I think it comes with the territory.  You beat a woman.  It's just not something we're over yet.

What are you so over???



  1. Haha! I can agree with all of them except....Twilight. Now I am not obsessed at all I just like the books and movies. No tshirt wearin, team Edward/Jacob, life size poster fan here. :) otherwise I agree 100%!

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  3. Love it! I can hear you on the dancing with the stars thing for sure. I am SOOO over gas prices. Yikes, it's breaking the bank.

  4. Ok, and today I am definitely over the Royal Wedding hupla!