Monday, April 11, 2011

Everybody lide biiiiiiiiiikkkkeesss

Things have been going pretty good lately. I can't complain. The last 5 days have been fun and drama free at the Stone house. Ry has been doing better at school (I hope typing this doesn't jinx us) and we've been having a blast. Lately his most popular request when he's had a good day at school is to have a family bike ride. My favorite part is how randomly at some point during our adventure he loudly says how much fun he is having and how much he loves "my family". It amazes me how much this kid can love. It's overwhelming. He is a mountain of love in this small, little body. He's going to change lives with that heart of his; he's changed Dust and I forever.

Ok, ok...enough of the sappy stuff. He's still a total crack-up and says something funny about every 30 minutes. I really need to keep track of all of this. Today's winner was:

A song that he sang to us in the car. The first time he's sang a song with his own made up lyrics....of course it was about hockey. Something about hockey, goalies fighting, penalties, power plays, crossbars, refs fighting, pull the goalie - pull the goalie and scoring goals. He could talk day and night about hockey...and now he can also sing about it.

- Cort


  1. Hysterical about the song! Is he really athletic? Does he like to play ball? Next time we meet, hopefully it won't be so hot and we can meet at a park or something!

  2. Cortney- I think Ryland might need to do some skating with Travis! What is it with kids and hockey?!!