Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As we say in our house...Chilly-wampus...

On the 3rd day of no school, 3 hands a painting, 2 papers waiting and a finished masterpiece!

Snow Pup

Ryland & Oma

"Sledding" with Uncle Tyler

Ry & Aunt Chand.  (And, yes - you're seeing that correctly...we don't have sleds here, but we do have pool floats!  Don't be jealous!)

Ok, ok, we look rough here...we know...that's what being stuck inside for 4 days can do to ya!

Sadie - it's your turn.  She wasn't a fan of actually "sledding", but she loved to chase you down the hill.

Opa's turn

Our Snow Cutie

Ice Skating Lesson...NHL, here he comes!

My Boys

Skating with Papa


  1. Love all the snow, skating pictures. Is he going to try hockey? We took the kids skating around Thanksgiving and Nicholas couldn't quite skate without help. I think hockey would be a great sport for a boy!

  2. We are bringing you some sleds when we get down there for next winter! Ya otta see me flip over as I go down a hill!