Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Friends

Ry finally asked me this week if he could go play with the other kids in our cul-de-sac.  After I said "sure", he asked if he could bring Sadie with him to say hello to everyone.  I was speechless and had a huge grin on my face!  Is it in a man's DNA to use a dog as an ice-breaker when trying to talk to the ladies?  The next 30 minutes of my life were just awesome.  As I stood in the study, watching Ry through the window (kind of stalker-like) my heart was just so happy for him.  He took Sadie out to say hi, showed off her tricks, came running back to grab some treats for her and let the other kids take her on short walks around the sidewalk.  It was adorable and hilarious all at the same time.  Finally Sadie had her fill and wanted to come back in.  I then watched Ry interact with the I've really only waved to in the past.  They all introduced themselves and quizzed Ry on their names.  They created a quick game to help him remember all of the names and I'm standing inside just smiling the biggest smile wishing Dustin was home to witness this!  They taught Ry how to play Duck, Duck, Goose.  HILARIOUS!  He didn't know you were supposed to run around the circle and when it was his turn, he just took off running down the sidewalk!  They played all kinds of little games that I haven't even thought about since I was 10.  I thought about playing with all my neighbors growing up and it just made me happy.  A simple joy that Ryland hasn't experienced yet since being home.

It's just so cute, I love listening to kids talk to each's just plain funny.

The next day when Ry came home from school, he went outside to "check the mail" about 10 times until the kids started trickling out to play.  As soon as he saw them he ran around the house yelling "My friends, my friends!  Mama, can I go outside with my friends?"

He knows the rules and has been great so far.  Constantly running back in to ask me questions or to say thank you!  You could see the joy in his face...he was so happy.

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  1. Cutest thing, gave me quite a chuckle! Looks like he is settling in really well!