Monday, November 22, 2010

Backyard Camp-Out

We really wanted to take Ryland camping, but thought it would be best if we did a trial run at home.  Saturday night was our camp-out!  Ry was so excited to put up the tents, blow up the air mattresses and get all the flashlights ready.  After we had camp setup, we played some football and bocce ball.  We had some friends come over and dined on hot dogs and brats!  Ryland and Wes ran all over the place with the flashlights looking for bugs and lizards.  We started a fire and roasted some marshmallows.  Ry wasn't a fan of the s'mores, but was just fine eating the chocolate!  After our friends left, we read some bedtime stories by the fireside and got ready for bed.  Ry fell right asleep (after moving his air mattress into our tent).  It was ridiculously windy that night - crazy windy.  The tarps and tents were so loud with all the wind that we eventually gave up and headed inside.  It's just way too tempting when your comfortable bed is only steps away...  The next morning when Ry woke up he came into our room looking all confused. "What happened?  Why no camping?  Where is my tent?

We had a great time and enjoyed our little adventure!

Camp Stone

Ry loved his own tent!  I have a feeling that this will be in the living room soon!

A little football

Love how that in mid-November we can camp and still be in shorts!

Right before bed...we're trying to grow his hair out a little to see how it looks - don't mind that he looks like a hot mess!

Love this pic!  I love how Dust is dressed as "Typical Dustin" from the waist up and as an old man with the pajama pants and slippers from the waist down!  In the words of Ry "Don't Be Jealous"!

Our pretty girl.  She just couldn't sleep outside (was a growling, scared fool) and was the first one to give up and go find her bed inside!  I guess she's slightly spoiled...aren't animals supposed to sleep outside??


  1. Great update, looks like Ryland is doing really well, you all look so happy! I like his hair, he looks so handsome and it looks like it's getting lighter, is it? He looks so healthy and happy!

  2. Nicholas' tent actually ended up on his bed after the first time we camped--we just made his bed with a sleeping bag inside of the tent. :) Fun times!