Friday, October 22, 2010

3 Month Update

Yesterday marks 3 months since we landed in the good 'ole US of A!  It's hard to believe. 

Here's some updates on our little man:

Language - This kid is smart.  He has picked up English so quickly that it flat out amazes us on a daily basis.  He still has an accent, which is adorable...but I am fully aware that if he keeps the accent, it will make our problems with girls even worse than they probably will be.  We understand about 99% of what he tells us and although there is no way to gauge how much he understands from us, I think the number is pretty high.  When we are explaining things to him we can tell if he doesn't really get it and then re-explain, show him and role-play. 

Routine - He has it down and actually needs to have a routine.  It's not crazy strict, but there are similar steps we take, in a particular order, when we do things at the Stone House.  It just makes life easier for him and us.  Now that we know the routine, we are working on trimming down the time of how long it takes to do things.  (Night-time oral hygiene should not take 25 minutes!  We need to make this 5 step process more efficient!)

School - School as a whole is going really well.  We are really proud of Ry.  He has a lot of odds against him right now - brand new family, brand new environment, language, age, etc. and with all of those things considered he is doing really well in school.  He has a wonderful teacher and has made so many friends.  He loves going to school and really loves running wild at recess!

Family - Although there are plenty of times that Dust & I feel like we have no clue what we are doing, we're getting much better.  We are a family.  It seems like Ryland has been a part of us for so much longer.  We're a really strong unit right now.  We're also finally at a point where we've spent so much time together that I truly believe and can say that I know Ry better than anyone else right now.  I get him (most days!!).

Eating - Some MAJOR changes for him.  The food sure is different here, but he's adjusted well.  He eats most everything and thankfully eats all the good, healthy stuff with no problems!  Of course, he loves spending time with all of his grandparents and getting to eat the things he doesn't get at home!!

Behavior - Again, all things considered, he is a well-behaved little boy and has great manners.  He doesn't get in trouble often, but when he does he hates it.  He really strives to be a good boy and I can't imagine that he gets into any more trouble than any other kid his age.

Sleeping - Ryland, oh how we love you so very much!!  He has never once woke up in the middle of the night.  He falls asleep on his own (without problem) in his own room every night.  I hear horror stories all of the time and I know we are soooo lucky!

Sadie - A lot of things in her little world have changed recently too!  It took her a long while to adjust.  She now understands the benefits that come along with having a kid in the house (running, more walks, more treats/food, one extra person to pet her).  Instead of avoiding Ry like the plague, she runs with him, plays with him and let's him rub her down any time she wants.  She is amazing with him and hasn't tried anything rough at all.  Once she's had her fill, she goes to her house and takes a break.

We are happy about all these new changes in our lives and excited to see what the next 3 months bring!!!

And please, no more comments about how lucky Ryland is - we are the lucky ones to be blessed with this little boy!  :)

Dust & Cort


  1. I love this update and I love what you said at the end. We are all sooooooo blessed to have our little ones from Kaz. I remember the first time someone told me that we were lucky to have Ava and I thanked her for that comment right there on the spot. Ry looks great and happier than ever. He has such a wonderful smile! We are HOPING and PRAYING to see your family at Kazapoloza next spring!

  2. Just starting to catch up on the blogs again. I've had my hands full since arriving home 2 months ago. Your advice before and during my trip were invaluable and I'm so happy to read how well Ryland is doing. He is just blossoming! And soooooo cute! I agree - we are indeed the lucky ones!

  3. You guys are luck!!!!! We adopted our girls 9 years ago tomorrow from Pavlodar, and I can't ever begin to repay them for what they have given us. Enjoy Ryland. The time goes by fast!

    Robin Gillis

  4. Glad you are all adjusting so well!!....but really his smile says it all!! Love that smile! And I love how you closed out this post - you are right. We are lucky....just yesterday someone said how lucky our son Adam was to have us...and I started to reply and had to stop as I started to choke up. Even now- 2 years later!!....I could not get it out of my head and sent them a note this am and told them how lucky WE were to have him!! Amazing kids!!