Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st Report Card

Ry's first report card was a HUGE success!  We are so proud of our little guy!  We knew that putting him straight into Kindergarten would be hard and stressful for us all, but we just felt that it was the right decision.  He is doing remarkably well!  His best skills are social skills - the kid can talk!!!  I thought he would struggle the most in this with the language barrier...but no!  All things considered, he is pretty much on target with where he should be.  AMAZING...what a trooper, we are so proud!  The last 2 days have been awesome for Dust and I as we are really seeing firsthand how much he is learning and getting out of school.  They are working on letter recognition right now so last night we went through some flash cards with simple words like ball, tree, kite, etc.  Not only did he say EVERY letter correctly, he also knew the sound that every letter made.  Impressive!  I didn't even know he knew that.  Today's homework was sight words and as I made the flash cards I was dreading going over them with him and teaching him to memorize them as I thought it would be a pain.  As I held up each card...he already knew, recognized and correctly said each word (with his slight super cute accent)!  Anyway...I could go on all night, but this kid is a ROCK STAR, especially when you think about how short of a time he has been learning all this stuff.

Happily smitten,
Dust & Cort


  1. Oma is TOTALLY smitten

  2. I am so glad you gave this bright little boy a chance to truly shine and be loved. Kaz Grammy