Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Fall!

We rocked Ryland’s world today when we showed him the attic and he helped Papa drag down all the Fall/Halloween decorations.  He was amazed.  He went up into the attic with Dustin and said “cool” about 50 times.  It’s crazy how amazed he can be at some things!  He had a good time helping with the decorations.  He said “Mama loves pumpkins”.  Tonight right before bath time he stared to pout and whine and I thought he was going to start crying for no reason…when I asked him why, in the whiniest voice ever he said “ I want the Happy Halloween”.  Maybe I should have waited to decorate until Halloween Eve, the poor kid has a long wait ahead of him.  Oh boy, this is only the beginning to the decorating madness that goes through Christmas!  When I pull the Christmas trees out the day after Thanksgiving, he will start asking for The Christmas!

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