Saturday, September 18, 2010


Balance is a tricky thing. We are still really struggling to figure this whole thing out. I’m trying to figure out this whole “working mom” thing and feel like I am failing miserably at both. There is a lot going on around my office right now and it’s usually fun and exciting times! Now when I am working and putting in extra time, I feel so guilty for my family. It seems like anytime I am working from home, Ry asks me to play with him, do something, do anything. “Mama…why you always work?” Cuts you right in the heart. But then, when I stop working and try to do something with my family, I feel so guilty because I know there is this whole pile of work that I need to tackle. I’ve had the luxury of being able to focus on work for so many years that this is so much harder than I expected.

The good news is that I know I will get there. Millions of people juggle everything and WAY more than I do. I just need to get in my groove and figure this out.

Step 1 – today I got up really early and got a lot handled at the office while my boys were still asleep. Didn’t get the guilty feeling, because they are both passed out!

On the other hand…sorry house. You’re not in the top 2 of who I am letting down. I know I need to figure out how to balance life with you, too. I know you love being clean & tidy, but throw me a bone; I can only do so much! I’m just one woman…trying to figure this out. I will get to you as soon as I can!


  1. Well, you know that you are never truly going to figure it out, don't you? But you seem to be adjusting very well. Now, cope all you want (and your early morning is a good system), but 30 years from now, what do you wish you had really done? (Of course, none of us can really balance all of these competing interests). And the house can wait for the next lifetime.

  2. Well said!! The house will never be the same and when you can let it go you'll feel lots better about the little things you do manage to get done. I decided to go to the fair for a second time this week with Lexie rather than finish the 101 projects I've started around the house. And I'm so glad I did. As I told her it's only here once a year so why not go for it. We both had a ball and the house would have been dirty again next week even if we had stayed home and cleaned.

    As for the working mom thing.....I've had Lexie home a little over 3 years now and I actually resent work now and wish there was some way I could stay at home. So don't think it will ever be perfect but you do somehow come to term with it all and just do the best you can. And it's all so very worth it. I enjoy watching your family grow in love. Isn't life interesting?

    Lou Ann & Lexie from Aktau Kaz