Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chandler's Senior Pictures

My little sister asked me to help her get ready for and go to her senior photo shoot last weekend. We had the most bizarre experience there and I had to share…

We arrive to a little town called Pilot Point and start the photo shoot. We’re there for a couple hours and have spoken to a lot of the “town’s people” during this time. I think we met the un-offical mayor who was so glad there was a photo shoot going on in an area of town that they had been re-modeling for a few years. Chand was off with the photographers and Leah and I were keeping an eye on all the paraphernalia. A few minutes later Leah got in the car to take a phone call and I walked out into the field to check on Chandler and see how she was looking (fab by the way). This man appears out of nowhere and screams “you’re gonna get shot!” What?? I turn around (I am the closest in proximity to this idiot) and say “Excuse me, what did you just say? Are you seriously threatening to shoot us?” This idiot turns out to be drunk, surprise, surprise and keeps on going. Everyone gathers around at this point and we tell the man that we are finished and leaving anyway. A few women come and try to get his drunkenness to go back inside the bar and stop bothering us. They apologize for his behavior.

I am FUMING at this point. You DO NOT threaten me or my family…are you serious? We are talking about what a crazy exchange that just was and were packing up the car when the idiot comes back. Again…are you serious? I’m done now…my adrenaline is through the roof…I want nothing more than to swing at this idiot. Him and I have words and I get right up in his face and we are screaming at each other. Something to the effect of “y’all need to leave – you’re gonna get shot” and “do you know who _______ ________ is?” (Can’t remember the name he was saying.) I was beyond pissed off and at the point where I was definitely going to hit a 50 year old man. I screamed back at him “Do you know who Cortney Stone is?” HILARIOUS, I know…but all I could think of while I was “in the moment”. I told him that since he was threatening us, I was going to get inside of the car and run him over. A lot of talk about calling the cops and one of the photographers stepping in-between us finally ended an escalating situation. I got in the car and drove my sisters out of there. My mom stayed with the photogs (I’m sure apologizing for me!) As soon as we were driving away, Chandler asked me if that is how I was in my teenage years. Yes, yes I was. Don’t threaten my family…that’s a serious offense in my book! I guess Chand is so much younger that she’s never seen me in action like that before. My brother sure has and I wish he had been there to see this first-hand. The whole way home my sisters, my mom and me were laughing, talking and throwing out crazy scenarios…like “Cort, what would you have done if you got thrown into jail?” “We’d have to tell Ry that his Mama is in the slammer!” “If we told Dustin you were in jail, he would just roll his eyes!”

Good times. Family memories. Never a dull moment around here… I know my family will laugh about this forever.

I’m over it…but whoever you are, Mr. Idiot in Pilot Point – you better watch what you say around me, I have no issue hitting an older man. Maybe I’m still not over it!!   :)



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  1. Oh sister, you crack me up...and you're right. NEVER a dull moment in our family. Liebe!!!