Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little Drummer Boy

Ryland saw a movie that has changed his life. School of Rock. For the past two days he has been playing the drums. He gathers up bowls, cake pans etc. And bangs on them for great lengths of time. He is "borrowing" Papa's drum sticks. He has been taking my phone and playing music to drum along with. A few minutes ago he came to inform me that he no longer wanted to listen to the music that I listen to and that he wanted to now listen to Pop's music. "I think it called rock. Can you help me find rock music on this phone?" Uh oh. The tide has turned.

He also brings one of the bowls over to me that he has broken, with the excessive force he thinks drummers should have...with a smile on his face. Me - "Did you break that?". "Yes. (smile)". "Why are you smiling? You think it's funny? Why didn't you come tell me?". "Because I am like Pop now. I listen to rock music and Papa broke the fence when we were playing soccer and he didn't tell you."