Monday, September 12, 2011


It's funny when I think about the kinds of compliments that I used to receive. Compliments that would make me smile and laugh. Feel good compliments.

A couple weeks ago I was hit on in the elevator, on my way up to my office by a random, ghetto-fabulous man (RGF).

RGF - "Daaaaannnggg girrllllll, you got some nice legs."
Me - "Thanks?"
RGF - "You got yoself a hussssbaaand?"
Me - "Yes."
RGF - "He is a luucckky man. Daaaannnngggg."

Ding...the elevator finally arrived to his floor. Finally.

A few years ago, this would have made my day. It would have made me think "still got it". But, it didn't. I felt like changing into sweatpants. I thought "Why is this creeper hitting on me? Are you serious?"

Tonight I am thinking about this while I am sitting at Ryland's hockey practice. For the 2nd time in a week a random person has come up to me and asked me if Ryland is my son. Told me how focused he looked. How he "had it". He looks like a real hockey player. Watch out world. He has the right form, stance, determination...and he is six. 2 people have told me in 7 days that they think Ry is destined to play hockey. He'll kill it. He's different than the other kids. These two people have been around hockey their whole lives...coaches/players. And it makes me proud. Super proud. What a compliment.

I'll take compliments on Ry Guy any day. So awesome to hear genuine compliments. So funny how my life has changed.

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