Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

OK, so I have to tell you a funny story about what happened tonight!!  We went to watch fireworks and parked on hill, with no one around us...for a minute.  Of course, this obnoxious family has to pull up right next to us and blast country music (and I don't mean any country music...I mean OVER THE TOP country music).  This man over there was out of control.  He had this ginormous American flag and waved it from side-to-side for the whole fireworks show.  In the middle of the fireworks, this dude walks over to the middle of the field (with his flag...obviously) and starts screaming the pledge of allegiance.  Really.  Not quite sure what to do, I get on my feet, put my hand over my heart and join in with the crowd.  Once the pledge is finished, he adds a "If you don't like America...get the BLANK out!"  As he's walking back to his truck, Ryland tells him that he is a "Silly Mister" and that...wait for it..."You need to check yourself!"  I busted up laughing and am still laughing about it now.  Hilarious.  I love how Ry can already pick the weirdos out.  Lovely.  Only in Texas!!!  In the words of my ridiculously cute son..."AWKWARD"!

Ryland trying out a slip-n-slide for the first time @ Uncle Tyler's & Auntie Leah's!  Didn't take long to figure it out...

The Stone's (Texas Style) 
We went to a "Welcome to Texas" Party!  So glad that Larry & Debbie have moved here from Colorado!!!

Ryland & Abby - waiting for fireworks!!

Happy Birthday America!!!  This is one kid who is PROUD to be American!!!

Dust & Cort - waiting for the fireworks

Killing time before the big show!

Paige, Abby & Ryland -- too cute!!

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