Friday, December 17, 2010

Ry's First Christmas

I cannot even begin to express how excited and thankful I am that Ryland's first Christmas is now, when he's 5 and old enough to really understand what's going on around him.  Sure the Baby's First Christmas stuff is pretty cute, but it is awesome to jump right into doing everything with our little man!!  I am over the moon at all the cheesy/cliched Christmas things we've been doing and are continuing to do!  I love watching the magic of Christmas in his eyes - it's pretty amazing! 

Ry smells of Christmas after his Candy Bath last night!  He wore jammies to school for Polar Express Day and we're super excited to drive around and look at Christmas Lights tonight in pajamas with hot chocolate cocoa!!

Cheers - to the best Christmas I've had!!



  1. Merry Christmas Stone family!!! Take lots of pictures for all your fans out there!! Ho Ho Ho ~Erin and Hannie

  2. I wish you all have a wonderful Christmas! What a joy to share your first Christmas as parents!!!