Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, I have a small obsession with Christmas trees and ornaments. I don't have many sentimental ornaments, etc. I have carefully chosen, beautiful, coordinating ornaments and each tree has a theme.

This Christmas has been hard on me (in the ornament dept.) because all of a sudden I have all these hand-made items from my son. His first Christmas and he's about 37 ornaments in already (thanks to his aunts and school). I'm in a dilemma... They are cute and so special that he made them and he is SO excited...but the fact of the matter is that they don't match. Period. There's this wonderful mother inside of me that is so proud and full of love every time I see them mixed in with my 'collection' but there is this other side of me that just wants my tree to look perfect. And, of course, Ry can't even entertain the idea of putting them on the tree in his room or the one upstairs or any other tree in the house. He has to have them on the big tree downstairs, my piece de resistance, so that everyone can see them. For those loyal blog followers of mine, it's kind of like the bathtub thing...I just want to keep a little bit of the old me (Cort, 'fore she was Mama) around so that she is not lost!

I'm over it...writing this out makes me feel ridiculous. The new additions are precious and I need to let Ry have some room on the's only fair.

Or I could get another tree to keep all these cutesies on... (Dustin's gonna hate that idea!).



  1. We have a small artificial tree that our kaz kids (age 6) decorate with ornaments they made and ornaments that were given the them by family and friends. They love being totally in charge and are very proud of their tree.

    Continue to enjoy the holidays. Truly magical, isn't it?

    best wishes,


  2. We do the same.. I have grown up tree and a kiddy tree (it's actually called the Elf tree) which is just for Annabelle and Yannik. Works wonders...;0) Happy holidays... Ours is the first with Anna as well and I can totally relate...she is now 2.5 years old and fully gets the magic of Christmas... which makes it that much more magical for us too!!! Jocelyne and family