Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

Last Night was Meet the Teacher Night @ Ryland's School.  He's going to 1st's happening.  After spending most of last year worried and stressed out about what would be best for him this year, we went ahead and made the decision to push him and send him onto 1st grade.  After going to the classroom last night, being at the school and seeing all the new kindergarten kids...I KNOW we made the right decision.  This will definitely be the right place for him.  I would have beat myself up forever if I would have held him back.  I know that now and it was a nice feeling last night.  I finally feel peace about the whole thing.  This year will be a struggle and he'll have to work really hard, but I think we'll all come out of it just fine.

Now onto supplies.  School supplies...I hate them; they are the devil.  Period.  There's got to be a better system for this.  I'd love to just give the school my CC number and have them charge whatever they need to educate Ryland properly.  Luckily, our school's PTA creates school supply bundles for each grade level that you can pre-order or purchase right before school starts.  Bless their hearts.  Since we were on the fence last year I never ordered one.  Over the summer Chandler and Ryland tried to get all the supplies that we needed, but couldn't find all the hard to get items.  So, last night I made the decision to just buy a bundle from the PTA and be done with it.  We get there, I wait in line and I'm not kidding you...the person in front of me gets the LAST 1st grade bundle.  Perfect.  Everyone else brought their supplies to the classroom and sorted them.  Again.  Perfect.  I hate things like this.  Hate them.  Now I'll have to drive all around town, stop at a million stores, somehow fine all of this stuff and then carry it in on the 1st day of school.  All the other parents will probably look at me, shake their heads and think "Wow, she's such a procrastinator...".  Perfect.  Oh, and the PTA should prepare themselves for the large check I will be sending them pre-pay for school supply bundles for 2nd - 5th grade...oh yeah...that's happening. 

My guess is that most parents don't send in notes to the teacher on the first day of school apologizing in advance for anything ridiculous that you or your child does during the year.  Well...I'm not most moms, and I'm ok with that (most days)!

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